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The comeback of an 80’s inspired sportswear brand


Leggoons is a graphically obsessed, vibrantly patterned swimwear and board short company that was extremely popular in most of the nation in the late 1980s. At their height, they rivaled Ocean Pacific and Hobe in the marketplace.


The company filed for bankruptcy in the 1990s. Owner and Entrepreneur Chad Carr purchased the rights a few years back and started the process to bring Leggoons back to a growing and evolving board short market. Leggoons looked to Damon Andersen to establish its presence in a competitively crowded marketplace.


To give the Leggoons brand a much-needed facelift to reflect today’s bold colors and designs, Damon created fun, colorful graphics and vibrant short patterns with a fresh look and a nostalgic hook. In addition to apparel design, an Ecommerce website was unveiled along with print materials and promotional items to complement the brand heritage.

Damon’s creativity helped us revitalize the Leggoon’s
brand. Damon is different from all other designers we’ve
worked with in the past because every creative decision
was made with overall strategy in mind.

Chad Carr, Owner/Entrepreneur – Leggoons