A Leading Branding Expert for Small Business

Collaborative Brand Building for
Small Business Owners

The Brand Accelerator Program can help your company stand out, evolve and be relevant for the next decade of business.


Clearly Define Your Brand

The Brand Accelerator Program is built for businesses who are in competitive industries and are looking to get a leg up on their competition. It can help your organization:

  • Attract and retain top talent while improving company culture
  • Become a more visible brand to the right customers
  • Overcome price concerns to make more sales
  • Create trust and loyalty for a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Motivate your sales team to produce at higher levels
Contact Damon to create a compelling, competition crushing brand.

We needed to establish ourselves as a leading brand in our
market. Our collaboration with Damon has not only
helped set us apart from the competition, but has now
enabled us to become the dominant brand in our industry.

Joel Pape, Owner – Subscription Genius

How Does The Brand Accelerator Program Work?

Most companies make the mistake of hiring a graphic designer, advertising agency or a web development firm to create their logo, website and marketing materials without first having a strong brand foundation established. This leads to organizations spending time, money and resources on ineffective marketing campaigns and having to reinvent themselves over and over again.

To make it worse, a lot of creative professionals don’t understand what a brand is. A brand is more than a logo or your marketing materials. YOUR BRAND IS YOUR REPUTATION IN THE MARKETPLACE.

Through the Brand Accelerator Program, Damon facilitates workshops with your stakeholders to help clearly define your brand so it resonates with your prospective customers, saving you time, large amounts of resources in the long run and allowing you to avoid multiple expensive false starts.