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How Am I Different?

I believe that instead of focusing so much on promoting products and services, organizations need to start revealing more about “who” they are as a company and how that relates to the product or service, so that customers can connect with them on an emotional level. The best known brands with the most loyal fans share their authentic personalities with their customers. This is accomplished through branding, and it’s why branding is so important.

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Damon Andersen
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Damon Andersen Bio

Born and raised in Iowa, Damon earned his Bachelor’s degree at Iowa State University. After working for multiple advertising, marketing and graphic design firms throughout the midwest, Damon’s creative vision and strategic thinking led him to become an entrepreneur. For more than 20 years, Damon has been passionate about helping professional service firms stand out from the competition and drive business growth. His award winning creative and proprietary branding processes have made Damon a sought-after speaker. When he’s not helping firms build their brand to attract and retain top talent, you’ll find him perfecting his swing on the golf course.

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